The Middle Aisle Podcast is based and recorded in the seaside town of Blackpool, North West England. Utilising the never-ending treasure that the middle aisles of discount German supermarkets provide, four friends search out the most bizarre and downright obscure items money can buy. 

In a weekly podcast, their ludicrous, laundered loot comes under contemplation, speculation, ridicule and reason as they try to work out the who, the what, the where and the why of it all. When a series is done, all the loot goes up for grabs in a charity raffle of which the proceeds go to the series winner’s nominated charity. 


Position held – Store Manager 

An expert in identifying the unknown and serial peeler of sad onions, Rob likes to spend his days talking to strangers about the benefits of burning bakhoor in the home. Rob’s claim to fame is that he cooked a whole chicken using nothing more than roll of gaffer tape, half a basketball and a 2Kw oil radiator, for celebrity chef and shoplifter, Anthony Worrall-Thompson. 


Position held – General dogsbody

A man of many talents, he might be stealing tins of kidney beans, begging outside the door or taking stock of the lettuces. It is said that his eyes are so dark, he once consumed an entire carriage of a London Underground train by simply tossing it a glance. At the weekend, Al likes to watch people watching Gogglebox through their front room windows. 


Position held – Middle Aisle Raider

Tom is the drunkest of all men. He described himself as an apprentice witchdoctor who lacks the ambition to ever qualify and pursue the career professionally. Tom once baked a loaf of bread so delicious; all the geese came back from Canada for a go, in the middle of winter. His favourite colour is smaragdine. 


Position held – Middle Aisle Raider

Josh, also known as the ruminator, has the ability to talk about anything, forever. Having grown up in the FY4, Josh was formerly known as The Enigma and collected debts for Rancid Mike, a local hoodlum. If challenged by a small to medium dog, Josh will take to all fours and slowly hypnotise the beast into an early bath and bed. 

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