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If you’re a regular listener of the podcast, you’ll no doubt of heard us rambling on about a raffle. At the end of the series, episode 20 of the main show, our intention is to group together every item from a single show, and raffle off the bundles at five pound a ticket. That means you could win your very own window de-burrer, garment organiser, 8 birds and a coat hanger that you could hang 8 birds off, for a fiver. All the money from the raffle will be used to make a charitable donation to the winners nominated charity.

The raffle will run throughout the first ten weeks of series two, which we will be releasing very soon. We’ll be picking a winner by counting up the likes that you, the listener vote with on Instagram. This is your opportunity to get involved and let us know which item you thought was the best from each show. We can’t stress enough that if you’d like to be involved, just like the one item from each show.

The nominated charities are –

Rob – Mind – “Mental health, particularly with the current situation is on rocky ground for many. Mind play an essential role in supporting those with mental health issues, and those working within the mental health services.”

Al – Macmillan – “This charity has been there to support members of my family and the work they do is terrific. Macmillan has been a long standing supporter of anyone suffering from a condition that effects sound 40% of the worlds population.”

Josh – Boathouse Youth – “The Boathouse is a service for children through to young adults that provides activities and teachings to young people to help nurture and further their prospects. It’s a local charity to Blackpool, but one I recognise as making a significant positive impact on Blackpool.”

Tom – Air Ambulance – “Perhaps living on the coast means I see these more, but these guys really put the work in getting people who need to get places fast, there fast. We know all emergency response services are under pressure at the moment, and this one relies heavily on support from the charitable donations it receives.”

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